MKF Mollificio designs and manufactures cold-wound compression springs in round wire starting from a diameter of 0.20 up to 16.00. We can also produce springs with wires up to diameter 70 using the hot winding technique. We use materials according to the UNI EN 10270-1, UNI EN 10270-2, UNI EN 10270-3 standards; additional materials requested by the customer are evaluated for use.

We can also produce compression springs with variable geometries (conical, biconical, with variable pitch, etc.) providing measurement of elastic and dimensional characteristics, roughness, cyclic duration test.

Upon customer’s request, for some types of springs, surface treatments are evaluated such as powder coating, cataphoresis, galvanic treatments, passivations and other treatments on commission.

On some treatments it is possible to require certification and tests of thickness, adhesion and duration in salt spray (UNI-ISO 9227).



Compression springs have multiple applications ranging from the automotive sector, pneumatic actuators and valves, vending, dispensing and mechanics for furniture.